The Pepper Canister Dark Mexican Lager

St. Stephen’s Church affectionately known by Dubliners as the Pepper Canister Church is positioned in the middle of Mount Street on an estate originally owned by the Viscount of Fitzwilliam. The church was central to family estates and squares with popular street names you might find familiar; Merrion, Herbert, Dawson and Pembroke, the latter being the family that donated the property where the church was built. Still used as a place of worship there are also cultural events hosting a wide variety of musicians.

Using a traditional Mexican-Vienna lager yeast and swapping out typical corn syrup adjuncts found in most mass-produced Mexican beers with Agave Syrup, this beer has a smooth malty flavour unique to any other. At 4.5% it is an immensely drinkable lager that will pair well with a shot of Tequila.